The  Colours of  Eden

A   M u s i c a l   T r i l o g y

R e d    V e l v e t 

In the red velvet path the girl's life begins seemingly simple. However, being in love is not always that easy, especially when she experiences her first heart break and betrayal.  

This woman is lucky though.  She will never lose her warmth and ability to love and after a brief phase of 'danger' where she explores other sides of her character and thus positively develops, she releases her soul to love and be loved again.


O Cravo e a Rosa (Brazilian Traditional)

La Tarara (Federico García Lorca)

The Girl from Ipanema (Tom Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes)

Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe eingestellt (Friedrich Hollaender)

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Ewan MacColl)

You've Changed (Bill Carey & Carl Fischer)

Adela (Joaquín Rodrigo)

Mil Perdões (Chico Buarque)

Black Coffee (Paul Webster & Sonny Burke)

Milonga (from 'Maria de Buenos Aires') (Astor Piazzolla)

Black Magic Woman (Peter Green)

You Take my Breath Away (Freddie Mercury)

Tell Me The Truth About Love (W.H. Auden & Benjamin Britten)

Falling in Love Again (Friedrich Hollaender &  Sammy Lerner)

Wild is The Wind (Dimitri Tiomkin & Ned Washington)

Spell (Salomão Habib) 

All arrangements by Fabricio Mattos.