The  Colours of  Eden

A   M u s i c a l   T r i l o g y

W h i t e   S i l k

Sometimes a girl wishes to grow up too quickly. Fragility, naivety, and innocence on the White Silk path take her on an unpredictable journey; the programme is here presented with time lapses that generate a fragmented memory of a traumatic event.

She wants to love, she wants to give, and cannot fight her instincts anymore. However, her innocence leads her to an unpredictable turn of events, when real life is unveiled to her and she is confronted by fear and regret. Suddenly, she wishes she was a girl again...


Ballad of red-headed man (Phyllis Tate & Patricia Beer) 

Ninna Nanna (Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco)

Contado ninguém acredita (Deolinda)

Je suis strop jeunette (Anonymous c. 1500)

Beatriz (Chico Buarque & Edu Lobo)

Dream a little dream of me (F. Andre & W. Schwandt & G. Kahn)

Aura Lee (W. W. Fosdick & George R. Poulton)

Glory box (Portishead)

Rip (Fabricio Mattos)

Flowers bring to every year the same perfection (Benjamin Britten)

Triste (Alberto Ginastera)

Basta de clamares inocĂȘncia (Cartola)

Habanera, from Carmen (Georges Bizet)

Ne me quitte pas (Jacques  Brel)

You Take my Breath Away (Freddie Mercury)

So white is she (Hans Christian Andersen & Edvard Grieg)

In Darkness let me dwell (John Dowland)

Come Heavy Sleep (John Dowland & Benjamin Britten)

 All arrangements by Fabricio Mattos,

except for Ninna Nanna, arranged by Gregg Nestor.